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RxServer ePedigree

Native version for Joomla 1.5Ready-to-deploy electronic pedigree solution.

RxServer Network Services

Fully sliced Fireworks .png filesRNS - A SaaS (Software as a Service) solution model.

RxServer Commerce

Native version for Joomla 1.5Ready-to-deploy commerce software for your business.

RxServer Network Services

Software is not enough. An environment that is secure, compliant and reliable is needed.


Welcome! We are now TrackTraceRX! TrackTraceRx  is a compliance  software to meet  the DQSA specifically the DSCSA law that took affect Jan 1st 2015.

TrackTraceRx Portal, DSCSA Compliance, Traceability and Serialization.

Please visit to request a demo.

Feature list
  • DQSA - DSCSA Compliance
  • Manage TI/TH/TS
  • Flag Suspect & Illegitimate Products
  • Serialization
  • Online commerce presence
  • Backend integration services
  • SaaS model
  • Backup reliability and disaster recovery

Get started now!