epedigree solutions booth at 11th Annual Pharmacy Purchasing Networking Conference.

ePedigree Solutions was started with the idea of providing solutions for pharmaceutical wholesalers that needed tools that were either not available or to expensive to implement. Brian Sanz co-founder needed tools to help his business process and at the same time be compliant with the many laws when dealing with pharmaceutical products. Bringing these issues to co-founder Chris Souza, both of them began to work. From that idea the RxServer2 was created.

We are self-funded company developing high-tech solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Our headquarter is located in beautiful Orlando, FL.

Executive Team

Brian Sanz M.B.A. - Co-Founder and CEO

Has over 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical wholesaler industry. He is currently the CEO of Dynamic Pharma. Brian Sanz took a start-up pharmaceutical wholesaler company into a 12 million dollars a year business. Brian Sanz currently graduated earning his MBA from AIU.

Chris Souza - Co-Founder and Vice President

Has over 14 years experience in the technology industry. Chris's primary role is designing the RxServers functionality and features. Chris has also experience in designing networks and PCI security infrastructures.

Mailing Address

ePedigree Solutions
1601 Park Center Dr. Unit 10

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