RxServer Network Services (RNS) delivers the core infrastructure that will power the delivery of your
business products. This includes electronic pedigrees, authentication and integrity capabilities with
internal and external technologies.

Once subscribed to the RxServer Network of Services, you will receive all services listed below. All modules and products are optional, but they are included in our pricing model. Many of our customers opt to only use the epedigree portal and not the Distributor Portal or vice-versa. The choice is yours, but know that the service includes both products.

Services Included

ePedigree Portal - RxServer2
The RxServer2 delivers your epedigrees to support all state and federal pedigree regulations. Easy to create epedigrees that can be automated or manually created in under 20 seconds. We support integration with other supply chain management software or future RFID and mass serialization technologies. Service includes a epedigree portal for your customers to easily retrieve their pedigree documents over the web. Our epedigree portal support bio companies, pharmaceutical wholesalers, repackagers, specialty wholesalers, manufacturers and pharmacies.

Distributor Portal - RxServer2
Included with the RxServer2 is our distributor software that can quickly achieve connectivity with all of your trading partners. Once communication is established your company will offer their products on your personalized e-commerce site. RxServer2 offers complete support for webservices, flat files, XML, and custom file formats.

Digital Certificates
We provide and manage your digital certificates for signing electronic pedigrees and the security process of verifying credentials from your CDRs and partner CDRs.

Network Security

We follow security best practices in hardening our servers from
Example: We currently subscribe to vulnerability advisories, internally scan our servers and follow best security practices from industry known organizations.
Important: Your data is our highest priority when it comes to storage. That is the reason that our business continuity policy follows health care industry stringent policy and procedures when it comes to backup, disaster recovery and business continuity.