RxServer Commerce

RxServer Commerce is a fully integrated commerce management software solution. The RxServer Commerce interfaces multiple distributors for your small to mid-sized wholesaler business. Below are some key features.

Internet Presence

Display your products on the Internet or interface privately to your distributors. Our system is designed in a "Tier model". Meaning SupplierA sells to SupplierB which then sells to their customers.

Easy Integration

We Integrate easily with industry software such as Quickbooks, SAP, Oracle and much more.

E-Pedigree Software

Other companies offer only an epedigree software? Our Epedigree software comes bundled in with our Commerce solution. Nothing is easier than to create an epedigree once an order is placed.

Live Demo

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General Features

Some of our features:
  • E-commerce style store
  • Admin Panel
  • Pharmaceutical License Management
  • Backend Integration with Billing software
  • Merchant Integration
  • Shipping Integration
  • Support of Different Languages
  • E-mail notifications
  • Return Authorization
  • Inventory
  • Price Markups
and much more...
"Nothing out there offered an all-in-one easy solution" -Pharmaceutical Wholesaler


Question 1

How do i sell my products to my customers?

Question 2

How do include my ePedigrees to my order?
Our customers ask us these same questions when looking for an all-in-one solution.

Answer 1

We integrate your suppliers to automate "real-time" inventory and display your products with your markups to your clients.

Answer 2

Commerce and Epedigree software are bundled to work together. As an order is placed, simply generate that epedigree for that order.

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